Executive Leadership & Board of Directors


Ajay Singh Rajput

CEO, Virginia Tech USA.

An exceptional business leader with multi-continent experience, mentor, motivator. He has played many roles starting right from being an entrepreneur to that of a “Business Analyst” of in Virginia Tech. With his forethought, vision& leadership, today we have reached a point of taking the global dive! With an experience of more than a decade in the IT, Finance and Healthcare Industry, he has a reputation of being extremely versatile with the tasks he takes on backing the idea of constant evolution. Ajay is one of the founders of Virginia Tech and is a visionary behind narrowing down the loopholes in bridging the gap between the Stakeholders and the organisation. He likes to be the man of the moment and the idea of carpe diem (Seize the day!). When not working you can find him meeting people and spending time with his 3 kids & taking care them.

Email : info@virginiatechusa.com
Phone : 571-345-5198

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