About Us

About Us

Virginia Tech USA is an IT services company providing business IT support services. We solve your IT problems & keep your business running. Serving small to medium businesses & Non-Profits in Northern VA, Washington DC & Maryland. We depend on our knowledge and experience to support local businesses with reliable and affordable Information Technology services.
Who we are

Virginia Tech USA, we provide the highest level of IT Support services to our clients in Northern VA, Washington DC, and Maryland. We offer the following services: Web Services, Computer Services, Enterprise Security, IT Network Solutions, Data Services, Home Security, Cloud Services, Printers Services and General IT Support Services.

We are a leading System Integrator Company based in North America India, And Singapore. We believe that our role as a System Integrator is to provide quality service and consultation for IT design, repairs, software and infrastructure investment without compromising security and business needs. We have successfully established our repute in the regional market for some years now. We have delivered best in class Infrastructure, design, software and repair solutions and services to various customers by leveraging our vast domain expertise and in-depth technical skills.

One size never fits all. We at Virginia tech USA custom make cutting edge technology with calculated expertise to meet the needs of our customers. We believe in serving our customers’ interest and helping them stay ahead in the never-ending and ever-changing technology race with our innovative technology consulting and solutions.

Global Reach

Virginia Tech USA is present in North America, and the rest of the World.
10 Years of Expertise
We help simplify the adoption of new technology.

Quality-Service Guaranteed

Better Management of Information Technology through Innovative & Valuable Services.